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Order your bronze free-range turkey from Millhill Farm today.

Bronze Turkeys will be available from mid December.
The main collection day will be 23rd December 2021.

Payment is by cheque or cash on collection. (No cards, sorry!)

The oven ready bronze turkeys are all weighed on collection. Cost is £14.50 per kilo.

New 4-5kg weight chickens are now available. Cost is £10 per kilo


For guidance purposes, we have provided a conversion chart for weights in pounds (lbs) and kilos (kg)

Weight in kilos (kg) Weight in pounds (lb)
4kg (chicken) approx. 9 lbs
5kg* approx. 11 lbs
6kg approx. 13 lbs
7kg approx. 15.5 lbs
8kg approx. 17.5 lbs
9kg approx 19.5 lbs
Please allow at least half a kilo per person, unless you require leftovers, in which case allow a little more.

* These weight range(s) are now sold out

Collection is on the 23rd December from 8.30am until 6pm unless otherwise arranged.

To order your free range bronze turkey for collection please complete the form below and indicate your preferred weight of bird from the following ranges shown.

Please remember bronze turkeys do not grow to order, we will supply you the closest possible size to your requirements.



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