Welcome to Millhill Free Range Bronze Turkeys.

We have built our reputation for quality and great tasting free range Scottish Bronze turkeys with a primary aim always in mind – by minimising stress in the rearing and production of the birds.


Our Bronze Turkeys

All our free range Scottish Bronze turkeys have access to woodland in the daytime and at night are brought into our spacious sheep shed. They are all bedded on straw and enjoy listening to West Sound Radio. We do not mass-produce so our free range turkeys can enjoy plenty of space, fresh air and natural light.

They can fly, dustbath and roost – unlike their intensively farmed cousins that are produced for cheap meat. This way of rearing  makes for a content, farm fresh,  free range Bronze turkey that will eat when it wants and keep active on a daily basis. The bottom line is that a happy free range Bronze turkey from Scotland makes for a tasty Christmas turkey!

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